Support Local Artists


On this Cyber-Monday 2013 and throughout the season, please consider buying from local independent creative individuals for a unique gift for someone or yourself!

The very talented Jennifer Parker posted this fabulous poster that reflects the beauty and and magic of the season in her message.  Check out her work on her Etsy Store!

Great Arrow Graphics


The folks over at Great Arrow Graphics, the fabulous greeting card company in Buffalo, New York, are busy cranking out their 2013 holiday cards.  Each card is lovingly silk-screened by hand and I consider them miniature works of art.  I was delighted to see this photo posted on Great Arrow’s Facebook Page inside of their packing room.  My snow owl greeting card from last year sold at Barnes and Noble and was also nominated for the Louie Greeting Card Award.  Nice to see that the little guy is back on the block for the holidays this year!