Giddy Goats Prancing! New Spoonflower contest entry.

This contest was a challenge because I decided to enter one day before the deadline.  Luckily I already had an image I could work with to design a pattern for this week’s theme “Goats”.  But the challenge was that it was not only the last minute decision but also that the contest required use of a limited color palette; the rules are that you have to use the colors they proscribe and I don’t usually work with colors such as emerald green, deep dark green, yellow, mustard yellow and gray.  So if you are digging these giddy goats you can vote for them here.  I would so appreciate your vote and your “like”!!


New Great Arrow Cards!

Great Arrow Graphics, the greeting card company that makes every card by hand using traditional silkscreen methods sent to me a box of my latest designs. It’s always exciting to see the finished products and hold them in my hands.  I think they look great, feel great and even have a lovely smell of fresh ink!  Let me know what you think and leave a comment.  I will choose at random, three people and they will receive a nice sampler gift package of my cards.  Not just the ones you see here but for other occasions as well!



I Made the Top Ten!

It’s been fun this week reading comments and getting likes for my third entry submission to the weekly design challenge.  This week’s theme was “Flying Machines” and my design “Race To The Clouds” made number 9 in the top ten!  See all of the top ten and all of the entries here. Thanks to everyone who voted!! Woo Hoo!

Top Ten Winners of  "Flying Machines" themed Weekly Contest.  I am number 9.

Top Ten Winners of “Flying Machines” themed Weekly Contest. I am number 9.

I Made the Top Ten!

It’s been an exciting week reading the nice comments and receiving likes for my third entry in the fabric design challenge.  The week’s theme was “Flying Machines” and it was announced today that my design “Race To the Clouds” placed number 9 in the top ten!!  To see all of the entries here.  Thank you everyone who voted!!  Woo Hoo!

SP FlyingMachine Top10

Please Vote for my Flying Machines Contest Design, “Race To The Clouds”.

This is a friendly reminder that the voting is still open at for the weekly fabric design contest.  This week’s theme is Flying Machines and I’ve entered my design, “Race to the Clouds”.  If you wish to vote, and I would be thrilled if you would add in your vote for “Race to the Clouds”. You can do so hereScreen shot 2015-04-06 at 10.34.00 AMThe Spoonflower folks picked my design to be featured on on the contest post in their blog!!

It is the top row center, with the pink hot air balloons. Woo Hoo!RaceToTheClouds_blog-01

Flying Machines Print Design. Spoonflower Contest

I’ve entered another fabric design contest themed Flying Machines with my design called “Race to the Clouds”.  It features fantastical hot air balloons, winged contraptions, and an imaginary dirigible and graphic clouds.  If you are so inclined to vote for my design, you can do so here.  I would really appreciate your vote!!!


New Kid’s Wall Art on Amazon!

I just saw this today!  Some funky fun robot art I created a few weeks ago is already up on Gango Editions Amazon store! I had so much fun designing and illustrating these guys for wall art.  I’m thinking of using the robots as icons to create a repeat pattern for fabric, wall paper, bedding, kids ceramics, tins.  The prints can be purchased here.