Year In Review New Card Designs

Designing greeting cards in February.  In the commercial art world, what we work on in terms of subject matter often does not line up with what’s going on in the real world.  For instance, we might be working on a beach theme in the dead of winter.  Or holiday art in July when it’s nearing 100 degrees.  I was asked to come up with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Fall and Holiday art.  Not too much of a disconnect, since the holidays had just passed a couple of months ago.  Because I waited so long to post, the greeting card designs I did for Designer Greetings have already been printed.  I just received these samples to share with you.


A humorous money card for Halloween.


This was inspired by a visit to the Avila Family Market near Morrow Bay in California,

a couple of years ago.  They had dozens of types of pumpkins and squashes, home made pies,

fresh from the harvest vegetables and fruits.  Outside the market was a petting area with goats, sheep, cows

and chickens and the pumpkin patch was next door!


Another fun card for gift cards or money.


Finally, they used my illustration of holiday sweet treats and added all

sorts of fun embellishments!


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